Can You Think Of Anything That Causes Hair Loss?

Do you suffer from hair loss? Hair loss happens to all of us on a regular basis. Our hair goes through a growth phase and then a resting phase followed by loss of that hair. This hair loss occurs in anyone with normal hair. What makes hair loss a concern is when it occurs excessively leaving bald spots or thinning hair.

We inadvertently contribute to hair loss when we use hot oil treatment, chemicals that are used in perms and curling irons and electric hair dryer. These hair care products when used can result in scarring of the follicle and scalp area and hair loss.

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There are actually things that we do to our hair that can cause hair loss such as using harsh chemicals on our scalp such as those in permanents and hair coloring products as well as when we use hot oil treatments. These types of products cause inflammation of the hair follicles on our scalp, which can then lead to scarring. This scarring can result in hair loss. We sometimes use hair accessories that pull our hair too much, causing “traction alopecia”. This is a condition in which the hair is pulled so tightly that it irritates the surrounding skin on the scalp. The irritation can cause scarring such as in between the rows of tight cornrows, or around where a ponytail is too tight or when hair rollers are left in for long periods of time and are too tight. This can cause permanent hair loss!

Other causes of hair loss include having illnesses that have symptoms of hair loss like diabetes or lupus or diseases in which the treatment can lead to hair loss such as cancers. A hormonal imbalance such as what happens in pregnancy or when women are on birth control pills or going through pre-menopause or when they are in menopause. All of these situations where imbalances of hormones can take place can trigger hair loss. Certain medications can have a side effect of hair loss such as those medications used to treat depression, drugs used in chemotherapy, anticoagulants. If individuals take too much vitamin A in supplements they can also experience hair loss.

Stress is another major cause for hair loss. Individuals suffering a loss of a loved one such as a family member or close friend can experience hair loss from the emotional stress. Physical stress such as undergoing major surgery, or suffering a serious injury can also cause enough stress to experience hair loss. Mental stress such as when we are in long periods of financial distress can also result in hair loss.

Infections are another situation in which hair loss can take place. Children often experience scalp infections such as Ringworm that often results in hair loss. Antifungal medications can be given to treat these infections often resulting in a return of hair growth. In fact hair loss that is a result of stress, infection or as a side effect of an illness often can result in new hair growth.

I bet you are now thinking of many things that you do that could result in hair loss. Thinking about these things is a good thing because we can change habits so that we can prevent hair loss from occurring in the future.