Can You Really Prevent, Stop Or Cope With Hair Loss?

Have you have thought much about hair loss? Does it run in your family? If you have experienced hair loss have you ever thought about whether or not you can really prevent, stop or even cope with hair loss?

You will be relieved to know that you can prevent hair loss by being careful about how you style your hair.

Here are just a few tips on preventing hair loss:

• Instead of using electrical hair dryers, towel dry your hair by patting it (don’t rub) and then dry the rest of the way naturally (air dry)

• Do not use any hair accessories that will bind or pull hair tightly

• If styling using braids, ponytails or cornrolls do not use these styles for long periods of time or by pulling hair tightly

• Avoid handling hair roughly by pulling, twisting or tugging on it

• If you are using ponytail, braid products or other hair accessories make sure that you do not tighten them too much when using them

• You can also make sure that you avoid any hair products that contain harsh chemicals or dyes.

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How to stop or correct present hair loss:

• Have a talk with your doctor or a dermatologist to find out if you can discover the cause of your hair loss. There may even be multiple causes. Once you find what is causing your hair loss you can then explore ways to prevent future loss by correcting problems such as if you have a poor diet you can improve your eating habits, if you have a hormonal imbalance your doctor can help you to correct it, and if you are using hair care products that are damaging your hair you can talk with a professional hair stylist to discover new products that are healthier for your hair.

• At the present time the only over-the-counter non-prescription medication that can promote new hair growth and prevent future hair loss is minoxidil

There are several ways to cope with hair loss:

• You can embrace it and learn to feel beautiful

• You can see your doctor and follow recommended treatment plans

• You can cover your hair loss with creative hair styling; use hair accessories in creative ways to cover thinning or balding areas on your head

• Use hair pieces such as wigs, toupees and hair extensions to cover up thinning or patches of bald areas on your scalp

You can prevent stop or even cope with hair loss by seeing your doctor or dermatologist and following treatment plans that can help to correct the cause of your hair loss, you can learn to cover up signs of hair loss, and you can learn how to use hair pieces, hats and scarves to cover up hair loss. You can also embrace the beauty of your appearance and be proud of what you look like.